Project Manager LimeTree Camps

Karin Frei Sawaneh worked for 10 years at an international children's rights organization in Zurich. She developed its children's rights and child protection programme strategy and actively participated in implementing programmes in these areas in Switzerland. She studied Social Anthropology and Geography at the University of Zurich (M.A. 2005). For her master's thesis about the relationship between industrial transitions and over usage of natural resources, she spent eight months in Mali conducting field research.

Karin earned her Kindergarten / Primary School Teacher's Credential at the Zurich University of Teacher Education and currently works as a Kindergarten Teacher in Zurich. She has two sons and lives with her family in Zurich.




Project Manager LimeTree@Schule

Marianne Honegger has been working in various areas of child nutrition for many years -- first at the Children’s Hospital in Zurich and from 2005 to 2020 for the School Health Services of the City of Zurich. In addition to projects in schools and day-care centres on healthy and sustainable nutrition, she has continued to develop her counselling work with children and adolescents, in conjunction with a physician’s practice. Conscious and joyful eating is an important foundation in Marianne’s approach, which she believes should be accessible to everyone.

Marianne Honegger is a nutritionist with a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics and a CAS in Health Promotion and Project Management. She is the mother of two adult daughters and lives in Hinteregg. 


board --

The NGO is the governing organization of the projects LimeTree Camp and LimeTree@Schule. 

Martina Frank, MPH

Founder and President,



Martina Frank has worked in global health and education for over 20 years. She has developed and led programs for children, youth and disadvantaged communities, internationally and in Switzerland. In 2017 she founded and its project LimeTree Camp and was its CEO and course leader for four and half years; in 2021 she initiated LimeTree@Schule. Martina is a strong proponent of interdisciplinary approaches to addressing global and local challenges and currently works as the Head of Programs at a foundation in Zurich. Martina has degrees in Social Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley and Public Health from Columbia University, and a CAS in nutrition and disease prevention from the ETH Zurich. 

Simone Sweeney

Holistic Nutrition Advisor IKP

Certified Fundraiser VMI


For more than ten years, Simone Sweeney gained experience working for two internationally renowned Children's Rights Organisations in the area of fundraising. Since 2022 she has been active as  a self-employed Nutritional Psychologist, setting a holistic emphasis on both body and mind health for both children and families. Her practice lies in the heart of Solothurn, where she has been supporting and guiding people with challenging issues concerning nutrition and eating-disorders. In her free time, she enjoys thought provoking discussions, especially when they can be combined with activities in the forest, for example.         

Ulrike Gminder

Philanthropy, WWF Switzerland 



Ulrike Gminder has a degree in economics from the University of Tübingen and has been working in the public sector for the past 30 years. She worked internationally in different capacities for several years, before settling in Switzerland. Ulrike currently is at the WWF in Zurich, where she handles all philanthropic matters related to inheritance and legacies. Ulrike loves to travel the world, deeply exploring foreign cultures and new culinary adventures. The protection and promotion of human health and nature are very important to her.  

advisory board

The advisory board supports the content of LimeTree Camp and is comprised of experts from organizations working in the sector of nutrition, health, movement, sustainability and pedagogy. 




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