LimeTree@Schule is a project week in schools about sustainable nutrition.


The project is based on the concept of the successful LimeTree Camp. The LimeTree@Schule pilot will be implemented in the school setting with a middle-grade primary school class in Zurich.



LimeTree@Schule creates an enriching and inspiring learning environment for school children and combines learning about sustainable and healthy nutrition, with creative cooking. In this way, the competencies of the Lehrplan 21 areas of “nature-human-society” will be strengthened and linked with education for sustainable development, environmental resources and health. 


Complementary educational modules for parents, teachers and school care staff are designed to create a bridge between school and home and enhance the reach of the project in these two settings.

LimeTree@Schule: Knowledge -- Cooking and Eating -- Nature

In the morning, the children will learn in interesting ways about the effects of food on our bodies and our health. We will explore the origins and production of the foods we eat and their effects on the environment.

Over lunch, children will prepare with a professional chef from the restaurant tibits, healthy, delicious and simple meals from different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. They will learn cooking skills and experience the beauty of cooking with fresh and healthy foods. 

In the afternoon, teachers are free to design appropriate activities as they see fit – working in the school garden, doing sports or visiting a local farm – to enrich and deepen the learning experience of the week.

On the last day of the camp, parents and child care providers are invited to join the lunch, enjoy their children's new cooking skills and have a delicious meal together.


Each child will receive at the end of the project week the LimeTree cookbook, including food facts and tips on how the recipes can be adjusted seasonally.


Project Leader: Marianne Honegger

Cooking: Professional chefs from the restaurant tibits