Martina Brunner

Primary School Teacher, Horgen 

Martina Brunner has been a dedicated and enthusiastic primary school teacher for many years. Very important to her are the well being and development of the children in her classes. She has also been involved in various health promotion projects in the local school community. Currently, she is participating in a continuing education programme at the HfH in Zurich, focused on children with special needs. With roots in the Lake Zurich area, Martina loves the outdoors, swimming in the lake or hiking in the nearby forests. For her big family, including her four children, she enjoys cooking and baking.

Judith Ellens, MSc ETH

Founder and Head of Science, Eaternity 

Judith Ellen is founder of Eaternity. Eaternity's vision is to establish sustainable nutrition in society and to function as the link between science and the implementation of scientific findings. Eaternity makes an automized CO2 und sustainability management for the food sector and for private households  possible. Judith studied Philosophy and Biology at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and Environmental Sciences at ETH Zurich. She likes to spend time with her son in nature, enjoys yoga and loves experimenting in the kitchen. 

 Prof. Dr. em. Wolfgang Langhans

Former Professor for Physiology and Behaviour, ETH Zurich 

Wolfgang Langhans was a professor at ETH Zurich for almost 30 years. His research focused on the physiology and pathophysiology of the control of food intake and energy balance, including their disturbances such as obesity and type-II-diabetes.  He also researched the various influences of metabolism on hunger and satiety.  Wolfgang Langhans received several awards for his research. In teaching, he introduced the students to the latest knowledge about the physiology of eating.  He was also president of the International Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB) and of the Swiss Nutrition Society (SNS).