We imagine a world where children understand the far-reaching benefits of healthy and freshly prepared foods for their bodies and the world.  A world in which children, regardless of their social and cultural backgrounds, prepare meals with their families from nutritious ingredients and have an awareness of how food choices can affect our health and the planet. A world in which we enjoy each other's food cultures and savor delicious meals, while promoting our health and protecting the environment.


LimeTree Camp plants the seeds for life-long healthy and sustainable food choices. 

The idea of LimeTree Camp evolved over several years. With the increasing shift away from meals prepared with fresh ingredients, to processed, convenience and fast foods, the effects of under-nutrition and over-nutrition (nutrient deficiency, overweight and resulting chronic diseases) have reached many countries, including Switzerland.


From her long-term public health work for women and children and the strengthening of health systems in many countries, Martina Frank saw the various effects of poor nutrition on children and their families. Her passion for health as a human right, further studies in nutrition and disease prevention at the ETH Zurich, and love for food from different cultures, inspired the idea of LimeTree Camp.  The idea is to give children an opportunity in a global context to learn about the effects of food on the body and the world. This will strengthen children's sense of responsibility for their bodies and the environment, and provide already in childhood a foundation for health throughout life.


With a diverse background in children’s programming in Switzerland, and experience teaching and living in Africa, Karin Frei Sawaneh was an ideal partner to co-found the non-profit organization food.body.world and to partner with Martina to move LimeTree Camp forward.


LimeTree Camp strengthens children's nutrition and health literacy, and builds their awareness of the link between food choices and environmental sustainability.


LimeTree Camp enhances children's cooking skills and enjoyment of cooking with fresh, healthy and sustainable ingredients.


LimeTree Camp increases children's body awareness through movement and sports from different countries. 


LimeTree Camp is a project of food.body.world, whose goal is to support balanced and sustainable nutrition, in order to strengthen the health of populations and protect the environment. Food.body.world is a non-profit organization and uses a public health approach of health promotion and disease prevention. It implements activities focused on nutrition, health and sustainability.