"We have only heard great things about the cooking . . . even if the children did not like everything to a 100% (but this is also part of the experience and exploring food). Overall, a huge compliment to the entire camp team! The camp should definitely continue to be held, so that more children can participate with such enthusiasm during the week! MERCI."



Ms. U., mother of a 10-year old girl from Thalwil 



"The food is outstandingly yummy and dancing is amazing and fun, I love it so much! Thank you that I can be here, it is so incredibly fun here and also the teachers are so very nice! Thanks again!!!" *


“The LimeTree Camp has by far exceeded our expectations. What the camp provides for the children is a set of values and a perspective about nutrition and passion for cooking. The camp creates an awareness of the origin of different foods, and not only how our food choices affect our body and health, but also how food choices impact the entire planet. And this within a context of loving care and with a chef from my favorite restaurant, tibits. To organize such a camp, a lot of passion, patience and perseverance is needed. And this is truly felt by the two co-founders, who are both passionately engaged. Congratulations! Thousand thanks for your engagement!”


Ms. K.R., mother of a 9-year old boy from Thalwil



"It is the best camp of my life" *


                       "The camp was mega giga haga!!!!!!!!!!!!" *



"It was amazing! And everyone is very nice and I learned a lot and it is incredibly interesting!" *







"A huge compliment to you and the entire LimeTree Team! Our daughter has learned so much during this week and is now highly motivated to cook at home. She had a lot of fun at LimeTree Camp." 


Family F. and H., parents of a 9-year-old girl from Zurich   










"This course was incredibly inspiring, interesting, exciting, yummy and simply cool! The food was extremely delicious and it was truly fun to cook the meals! Many thanks for this! The teachers were also very nice and attractive! I will definitely come again! Thank you!!! " *






 "My daughter has participated in uncountable vacation courses and camps during the past years. She liked LimeTree Camp by far the best. A big compliment to the team and much continued success in the future!"


 Ms. M.M., mother of a 10-year-old girl from Zurich 






"Many thanks for the wonderful Camp and its diverse activities. Every day my daughter came home with lots of positive experiences. It is so beautiful that something like that exists."


Ms. I. S., mother of an 11-year old girl from Thalwil





"Many thanks for your engagement! A great idea to combine healthy, international foods with different types of sports!" 


Ms. B.S., mother of a 10-year-old girl from Zurich




"I would like to thank you very much again. The week was very informative and my daughter had a lot of fun. After the camp, we tried one of the recipes from the beautiful cookbook right away and it will not be the last one! Very yummy!" 


Ms. M.M., mother of a 10-year-old girl from Zurich






"Thank you very much for your commitment! With this course, you offer many important inputs and it's great when children get the opportunity to cook themselves outside their parents house."


Ms N.K., mother of a 9-year-old and an 11-year-old girl from Zurich


* Children's feedback provided during the camps anonymously, via the platform opiniooon.ch