Global Nutrition Report 2021

The new Global Nutrition Report 2021 illustrates a challenging picture of today’s state of nutrition: no region in the world meets the recommendations for a healthy diet, jeopardizing human and planetary health.  


Based on data from 194 countries, clustered into 28 regions worldwide, the reports key findings include:

  • Globally, five out of six maternal, infant and young children nutrition targets - stunting, wasting, low birth weight, anaemia and childhood overweight - are off course. For example, 22% of children globally are affected by stunting and nearly 30% of all women and girls of reproductive age worldwide are affected by anaemia. 
  • The consumption of fruit and vegetable is 50% below, while the intake of red and processed meat is far above, the recommended amount.   
  • The prevalence of unsustainable and poor diets is creating more than one third (35%) of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Consequently, no region is on track to meet the diet-related health and environmental targets each nation agreed to as part of the SDGs.  

 The report calls for action. As stated by the authors: “we have never been better equipped with the evidence and tools we need to improve accountability and drive better nutrition outcomes . . .”


Read the full report here: https://globalnutritionreport.org/reports/2021-global-nutrition-report/

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